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Speakers Bureau

Senior staff of Energy Probe Research Foundation and its divisions are available to speak to your organization. If you'd like to arrange for one of them to be a keynote speaker, presenter, or workshop leader, please contact:

Lawrence Solomon
Managing Director
Energy Probe Research Foundation
(416) 964-9223 ext. 241 Fax (416) 964-8239

for available dates and fee schedule.


  • Third World Debt and How to Deal With It
  • How Safe is Your Water?
  • Environmental Threats to the Mekong Region
  • Is Agriculture an Environmental Menace?
  • You Too Can be an Environmental Investigator
  • Eco-Extremists Aren't Extreme Enough
  • Protecting the Environment with Property Rights
  • Electricity: Can It Ever be Clean?
  • How Not to Protect Endangered Species
  • Can Canada be Green and Competitive?
  • Foreign Aid Institutions: Raiders or Traders?
  • Privatization - the Myths and the Realities
  • Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Latin America
  • How is Urban Wealth Created?
  • The Decline of the Canadian Health System
  • Are Toll Roads the Best Option?
  • Nuclear Power: Clean Energy or Earth's Most Toxic Technology?
  • How the Canadian Government Destroyed Atlantic Fisheries

Patricia Adams, Executive Director, Probe International

Patricia Adams is an economist by training. She has written extensively on foreign aid, odious debts, and multinational banking and trade practices and their environmental effects. Her book, Odious Debts: Loose Lending, Corruption and the Third World's Environmental Legacy, is a seminal text on the issue of Third World debt. She is currently one of the leaders in the movement to stop the Three Gorges dam project in China. Among Probe International's contributions is an Internet newsletter, Three Gorges Probe, which is published in Chinese and English.

Prior to joining PI, Ms. Adams taught economics in Jamaica, advised the World Council of Churches' energy program, chaired the Nairobi-based Environment Liaison Centre (a coalition of 300 environmental and citizens' groups), and was co-founder of the International Rivers Network and the World Rainforest Movement. She is an associate editor for The Ecologist, a British journal.

Elizabeth Brubaker, Executive Director, Environment Probe

Elizabeth Brubaker specializes in the use of property rights and market mechanisms to protect the environment. Her book, Property Rights in the Defence of Nature, champions the regime of property rights and responsibilities developed under the English common law. Ms. Brubaker has also worked extensively on the establishment of property rights in fisheries. She has contributed chapters on the subject to three books and has addressed conferences in Canada, France and Australia.

Ms. Brubaker's most recent book is Liquid Assets, Privatizing and Regulating Canada's Water Utilities. Her work on the environmental and economic benefits of privatization has appeared in journals, magazines and newspapers in three countries, and she has addressed numerous conferences on the subject.

Norm Rubin, Director of nuclear research and senior policy analyst, Energy Probe, Energy Probe

Norm Rubin is a highly sought-after public speaker and has more than 500 public speaking engagements under his belt. He has been with EPRF for more than 20 years, working as a researcher in the nuclear field, and is now one of Canada's leading critics of the nuclear industry. He has appeared at many hearings and court proceedings as an expert witness and has written extensively on the nuclear industry. Mr. Rubin has also made a number of appearances on radio and television shows.

Lawrence Solomon, Managing Director, Energy Probe Research Foundation

Lawrence Solomon, a co-founder of the Energy Probe Research Foundation, is an authority on urban issues, resource use, and regulation. His book, The Conserver Solution (Doubleday 1978) became the manual for incorporating environmental factors into economic life. In addition to being managing director of Energy Probe Research Foundation he is the executive director of its Urban Renaissance Institute division, where he focuses on urban sprawl.

Mr. Solomon is currently a columnist with the National Post. He has been a columnist for the Globe and Mail, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, a syndicated columnist, and the editor and publisher of the award-winning The Next City magazine.

Brady Yauch, Economist, Consumer Policy Institute

Brady Yauch is an economist at the Consumer Policy Institute (CPI), an independent think-tank dedicated to achieving lower costs and greater efficiencies for Canadian consumers, particularly in sectors run by government monopolies or those receiving large subsidies. Prior to coming to CPI, Brady worked as an online reporter for the financial TV station Business News Network (BNN) and previously as a researcher and consultant at Probe International where he wrote on a wide range of subjects, with a focus on foreign aid policies and the carbon credit markets. He has published extensively in trade magazines, newspapers and news sites. He holds a Masters in Economics from York University and a Masters in Writing and Cultural Politics from the University of Edinburgh.